Remotely Monitor and Control EV and Sub-Metering endpoints

The Cloud Dashboard

Effective Energy Management

Cyber Switching’s Cloud Dashboard (formerly known as the EMD) software provides an intuitive user interface to simplify effective energy management and streamline measurement and verification activities.

Our Cloud Dashboard allows you to auto-discover, manage and monitor all Cyber Switching products connected to your network infrastructure from one intuitive IP-based management interface without introducing additional hardware in your network infrastructure.

Providing a feature-rich user interface, EMC analyzes and stores energy data from all connected devices in real time to provide end users with accurate, easy-to-understand information for informed decision making. EMC is ideal for larger facilities or campuses, enabling facility managers to tailor the performance of each connected device.


Simplifying Daily Management

Energy management programs can span a host of activities. Daily maintenance tasks might include reviews of load profiles and energy data for the past day or week, reviewing upcoming program objectives such as scheduled maintenance outages or demand response events, even creating and reviewing historical usage comparisons to evaluate ongoing consumption trends. Other activities might occur less frequently, such as quarterly program report generation for senior leadership or reviewing results of energy efficiency programs with trending reports.

With the easy-to-use Dashboard, busy facility professionals can log in from any location at any time to quickly obtain the energy data they need. Access control enables administrators to establish unique access and user permissions for each folder, function, and device for ultimate flexibility.

How it works

Our Cloud Dashboard, used in conjunction with the EVMC enables the user to access, monitor, and control power loads for the entire premises.  The Dashboard stores and analyzes energy data from all sources from a centralized interface that can run on a desktop or mobile device.  Leverage reporting to analyze and monitor energy usage trends and identify usage anomalies.  The Enhanced Billing feature allows billing in accordance with energy usage and pricing on a per tenant or client basis.

With our easy-to-use dashboard, you’ll be able to log in from any location at any time to quicky obtain the energy data you need. Access control enables administrators to establish unique access and user permissions for each folder, function, and device for ultimate security and flexibility.

Our cloud-based interface allows full system management and support with features such as the load shedding capabilities of Cisco’s EnergyWise® and OpenADR.

Harness Your Power and Reduce Costs by Load Shedding

Due to the large consumption of power by most corporations, electricity is one of the largest expenses incurred. As a result, corporations are actively searching for ways to reduce their operating expenses.

When the amount of power demand exceeds the amount of electricity supplied, utility companies begin shutting off power to specific areas on a rolling basis so that other areas may use power. This scenario was made infamous in California and is known as a “rolling blackout.” There are two solutions to this problem: build more power plants or load shed.

Load shedding is a preventative method which involves systematically shutting off power to equipment that is considered non-critical, thereby allowing electricity to flow to more critical equipment. Load shedding can be achieved by manually turning off all non-critical equipment or programming a system to automatically turn off all non-critical equipment.

By utilizing the power control features available on our dashboard, you can program specific circuits to be turned off when the equipment of facilities powered by them is not needed. The power monitoring features further allow building administrators to identify equipment or users that draw an excess amount of power.

Through a combination of both techniques, you can reduce your electrical expenses. One of our customers found that they could save over $1,000,000 per building per year by turning off equipment in their test labs when it was not in use. Not only does the customer save in operating expenses, but they are also seen as a community leader by reducing their demand for power — a true win-win scenario!

Capabilities include

  • Energy code compliance, including California Title 24-2013
  • Identify cost saving measures that can lead to greater profitability.
  • Discover energy inefficiencies, promote awareness, track performance, manage and control resource consumption and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Establish baselines, budgets and allocation of energy use & costs within an enterprise.
  • Develop responsible environmental goals and conservation measures.
  • Adopt best-business practices for efficient energy use.
  • Track and trend consumption and site performance versus goals
  • Highlight maintenance issues – identify sites and equipment that need immediate attention.
  • Trend, compare and validate utility bills.
  • Provide outstanding communication and support enabling operations and management personnel to have the most advanced, intuitive energy management.

Technical Features

Feature Technical Specification
Administrative Management: Device
Energy Allocation
Remote Voltage
Task Scheduler
Reporting: Standard Usage, Trending, Demand, Cost & Load Reports for:

  • Real-time
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Annual
  • Comparison
  • Custom Reports
Security: Secure SSL (HTTPS) Web-based interface
User & User Group Access Control List (ACL)
Device & Device Group Access Control List (ACL)
Data Collection: Real-time energy data in user-selectable 1-, 5- or 15- minute intervals
Authentication: Active Directory (LDAP) Support
Rate information: Advanced configurable rate table with multiple rate table configurations
Logging: User activity logs, event logs, alert logs
Alerts: Real-time alarm monitoring & notification system
Virtual Devices: Virtual device capability, allowing users to categorize outlets based on common or intended use, rather than physical location.
Storage: Stores real-time energy data in local data storage
Support: One year technical support and software upgrades