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Cyber Switching Launches Switched, Outlet Level Monitoring, Dualcom S Series with External Temperature and Humidity Monitoring.

SAN JOSE, CA, Wednesday, July 01, 2009 - Cyber Switching, a leading manufacturer of Power Distribution Units (PDUs), announces the availability of the Dualcom S Series with Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for tomorrows greener datacenters. By incorporating an external temperature and humidity sensor this top of the line PDU has reduced the need for additional environmental monitoring equipment. The external Temperature and Humidity Sensor uses the Dualcom S PDU to send alerts to facility management or the datacenter NOC that actions are needed to save equipment from overheating and severely impacting the uptime and longevity of nearby devices. The addition of a second 15 ft. Temperature and Humidity module can be connected to the first to allow a Temperature and Humidity reading as far away as 30 ft.

Cyber Switching's PDUs can be used to distribute power to blade servers, routers, switches, SANs, and other rack equipment. The PDUs provide unique advantages for your data center. For instance, Cyber Switching's intelligent line of PDUs include individual current monitoring, so you can monitor each outlet individually and control and wisely protect your IT equipment.

Cyber Breaker, included on Cyber Switching's Dualcom S products, provides individual current monitoring, as well as supplemental circuit breaker protection on an individual outlet basis. The Dualcom S with Cyber Breaker allows IT staff to configure unused outlets to trip when a minimum current is drawn, which prevents someone from plugging in a device that would trip the branch circuit. With the ability to set current limits and time delay, the Cyber Breaker feature ensures that only the outlet whose current went over the preset limit will trip, rather than all of the hardware connected to the PDU. For more information or a demo please contact: sales@cyberswitching.com or 408-436-9830.

About Cyber Switching
Cyber Switching is a leading provider and innovator of power distribution and power management products. Cyber Switching prides itself in its reputation for developing green solutions which integrate rich features with high reliability and great value.


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  • Cyber Switching has developed another winner. Our expectations for quality, service, lead times and innovation have been exceeded without blowing our budget."
    -- Product Manager
  • Cyber Switching was proud to provide Power and Monitoring to the World's first Oracle 10g on Apple 24 node RAC Cluster at Oracle OpenWorld in Moscone Center, San Francisco.
  • "My regret is that I purchased a number of nonmanaged power strips before I realized the value of the remote power control of the Cyber Switching Dualcom power switch. Cyber Switching is now our remote power management device of choice."
    -- Murray Thibodeaux, owner and general manager of Murcom.