Good Information Allows for Good Decisions

Cyber Switching's Submetering Solutions

Submetering systems are designed to monitor and measure electrical power by various systems within a facility. Submeters can be easily installed to monitor HVAC, indoor and outdoor lighting, computer facilities, refrigeration, general receptacles, and electric vehicle charging stations. With advanced submeters in place, each system’s use of electrical power can be identified and outlying heavy users can be targeted for energy efficiency programs.


Submeters are also designed to be installed to meter the electrical power use by subtenants in a commercial building, giving a facility manager the ability to track and bill-back for tenant power use. This allows for the recapturing of energy costs and creates a cost-saving mindset in tenants as well.


Armed with real-time information, a facility manager can take steps towards troubleshooting unexplained power use or implementing more effective energy cost saving initiatives. The key in all of this is that good information allows for good decisions and with power use that can mean an increase in a company’s bottom line as power “hogs” are identified and cost-saving initiatives for power consumption are effectively implemented.

Why Should You Submeter?
















Submetering provides facility managers real-time and historic data on power use and power quality on multiple subsystems in a building’s infrastructure, including interior lighting circuits, exterior lighting circuits, HVAC systems, and any number of other isolated circuits. This can lead to a litany of benefits, including:

• Reduced Energy Costs
• Energy Use Planning for Time of Use Billing
• Tenant Energy Use Billing
• Cost Recovery/Allocation
• Multi-Site Rate Negotiation with Your Utility
• Performance Monitoring
• Government Regulation Compliance
• Power Integration with Building Management Systems


Introducing the Submetering System from Cyber Switching Solutions


A Title 24 compliant smart submeter solution, the unit provides all of the benefits of submetering and offers ease of installation and cost-effective performance for commercial building power metering and monitoring, in both new and retrofit applications. Cyber’s meters are one of the few meters UL Listed® for field installation into existing electrical subpanels.


Designed for performance at an unprecedented price point, the Cyber Switching submetering solution provides capabilities and performance which, until now, have only been available in significantly more costly meters. The system is comprised of modular components to efficiently meet requirements in all applications.

The System Components

Cyber Switching’s submeters are highly accurate meter-grade devices capable of measuring real-time loads in kilowatts, kWh demand captured in 15 minute segments, total kWh demand, kW peak demand with the date and time of the peak, historic kWh peak demand, and other key variables. The MM-030 is a state-of-the-art three-phase submeter module designed to meet virtually every three-phase configuration up to 480V. The MM-060 is a multi-point submeter with six current input channels and three voltage channels providing a full range of measurement capability. With the integral 14-gauge sensing wires, the submeter can be mounted directly in a panel and connected to a circuit breaker and CT-Coils to capture amperage and voltage data. Both submeters are UL Listed® for field instability.


The Submeter Hub provides a management interface for the Submeter Modules. Connected using standard Ethernet connections and TCP/IP, the hub connects up to 8 meters. The Hub provides comprehensive energy metering, monitoring, and data analysis. The Hub features a touchscreen LCD display for onsite access as well resulting in easy setup and real-time readouts. The user may use the PowerIoT Dashboard to view the Hub's meter data. The Dashboard provides visibility over the entire premises - from small properties to multi-site, global facilities.

Cyber’s PowerIoT Submeter system provides advanced power management capability, including the capture, analysis, and storage of energy usage data from all of the connected devices. Designed with a feature-rich and user-friendly interface, the system is scalable and robust. Built with security in mind, it supports SNMP v3 and SSL encryption.

Cyber’s innovative design of its CT coils allows for extremely quick and easy installations. With 4 configurations available, Cyber’s CT coils are capable of metering power usage for 50, 100, 300, and 600 amp circuits. Like the Submeters above, Cyber’s CT coils are also UL Listed® for field installation and designed for easy retrofit projects.

Building the System

The PowerIoT Submetering system is based on a modular design. As noted previously, there are three primary components: the Submeter, the Hub, and the Gateway. The Submeters are UL Listed® so that they may be field installed into a new or existing electrical panel. The Submeters include 14-gauge sensing wires and can be connected to circuit breakers and CT-Coils in the panel. With the voltage sync capability, a minimum amount of wiring connections are needed. This reduces installation cost and complexity and increases system safety.

The Hubs are designed to be mounted outside the panels, with a connection to the Submeter module done with a low voltage Cat5 or Cat6 patch cable. This adds to the ease and safety of the installation.






Scaling the System

The modular design of Cyber Switching's PowerIoT Submeter makes scaling the system simple and cost-effective. Each Submetering Hub supports up to eight individual Submeters, whether the meters are in a single large panel or in separate panels, as shown to the left.


Each hub may be connected to the PowerIoT Dashboard giving facility managers and system administrators the ability to monitor the power usage of every Submeter connected throughout all facilities.


To put this in perspective, systems can readily scale from as few as a single meter to isolate a given piece of equipment, multiple meters to cover lighting, receptacles, and HVAC systems for a given floor, tens of meters for a complete building, or hundreds of meters for multiple facility sites. The PowerIoT Submeter covers it all, and the Dashboard provides centralized visbility from anywhere in the world.