The PowerIoT™ Solution





Cyber Switching develops power management innovations which help customers dramatically reduce energy costs, lower carbon footprint, and raise green credentials.  Cyber Switching’s PowerIoT™ solutions empower the user to centrally monitor & control power circuits for all premises across the globe – anywhere in the world.  Energy & cost savings are maximized by wholistic management of all major power loads including:  EV charging, lighting, HVAC, datacenter, motors & pumps and other equipment, etc.  Government building codes may be met and power loads shed in support of regulatory requirements.  Equipment lifetimes are maximized and operational costs are reduced through monitoring and predictive maintenance.  Cyber Switching is enabling the future Electrification of Everything.

What It Is

PowerIoT Endpoints – EV Master Controller (EVMC)

PowerIoT Endpoints – Building Master Controller (BMC)