The EV Master Controller (EVMC)

EV Management Controller (EVMC)
Manage, Monitor, Control & Monetize your EV charging infrastructure


The EV Master Controller (EVMC), a PowerIoT Endpoint, provides intelligent power management to 3rd party EV chargers (EVSEs).  Power usage is optimized across the entire premises when coupled with the Building Master Controller (BMC).

What It Is:



How It Works:


Rotational Vehicle Charging

The current approach to EV charging requires a dedicated power line to each charging station serving the multiple vehicles. Those lines need to be run from an electrical panel all the way out to the parking area. Installation costs can be prohibitive and there is no guarantee there is room in existing electrical panels or a guarantee that there is available power from the utility company!

Cyber Switching’s system switches power to multiple charging stations in a “round-robin” scenario so that a single electrical line can feed multiple charging stations, with power incrementally rotating on a programmable timed basis to each vehicle. The EVMC also polls the charging status prior to charging a vehicle and, if charged, moves on to the next vehicle in line.