The Building Master Controller (BMC)

Building Management Controller (BMC)
Manage, Monitor, Control & Monetize your Power Infrastructure


The Building Master Controller (BMC), a PowerIoT Endpoint, provides intelligent power management and control over electrical loads inside and outside a building. Power usage is optimized across the entire premises when coupled with the EV Master Controller (EVMC).

What It Is:



How It Works:

The BMC mounts next to the electrical panel and is connected to those circuits to be managed. It is readily installed by any certified electrician. The BMC provides complete real-time metering, monitoring, as well as control over those electrical loads. Cyber Switching’s PowerIoT Dashboard can then be used to manage, monitor and control any number of BMCs, properties, and circuits from anywhere in the world.

Submetering without control features is provided by our ‘BMC (Monitor Only)’ solution.